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xkcd NYT

Wow! The New York Times is running this article about xkcd.

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Michael M. on May 26th 2008 in General

Art, Honeyboy and Louie Bluie

Studio 360 featured two great stories in this episode not too long ago. Art Rosenbaum tracks down musicians and records them. The segment starts at 12:08. Rosenbaum was featured in the April 28, 2008 New Yorker issue. The main article is not available on the web, but this slide show and audio interview are. Because I am not a subscriber, I read it in the library. It is a good article about a terrific quest.

The article also profiles Lance Ledbetter of Dust-to-Digital. Ledbetter and Rosenbaum have worked together extensively on Art of Field Recording: Volume I : 50 Years of Traditional American Music Documented by Art Rosenbaum. The Dust-to-Digital blog, in turn, links to the New Yorker. Dust-to-Digital is wonderful, and I want to own everything it puts out. In particular, I am looking forward to the forthcoming Old Time Music Reader. I corresponded with Ledbetter a little about a video on the label’s MySpace page, and he advised me to try eBay for finding old issues of Old Time Music. I since have lost a few auctions. I found out about the OTM Reader from Tony Russell, publisher of the original Old Time Music magazine, when I wrote to ask him for more information about the old-time music of Mississippi.

A feature on DavidHoneyboyEdwards follows the story on Rosenbaum. I saw him most recently in the blogged movie Walk Hard. He also appeared in the twice mentioned Lightning in a Bottle. I came home late last weekend with my fiddle on my back. I had played until dark in Forest Park. Then I went to the Loop to see whether some friends were still busking in front of Star Clipper. They were not, but I discovered the Rum Drum Ramblers in front of Meshuggah and listened for a good while. The doorman asked me what I had in the case. We had a good talk, and the movie came up in our conversation. Edwards is the last of a generation.

That same weekend, I watched Louie Bluie. Terry Zwigoff made it. He also made Crumb about R. Crumb. R. Crumb’s cartoons of old-time and blues musicians are popular within the subculture. R. Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz, & Country is a compilation of them with an introduction by Zwigoff. The two were members of R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders. There are some strange loops.

Louie Bluie profiles Howard “Louie Bluie” Armstrong. Roger Ebert‘s review of it changed my thinking about Roger Ebert. His television review is on YouTube. Skip to 5:38. The New York Times review gives clues about how funny the movie is, and the obituary gives a good overview of his life. It is a good thing that Armstrong found music. Otherwise, he would have talked all the time. This post on the Tangleweed‘s TweedBlog led me to find the film on YouTube. I was inspired, too, by the record sleeve of a Martin, Bogan and Armstrong record hanging on the wall at the beloved Folk School. Now I have to find Sweet Old Song that aired on the PBS series P.O.V. several years ago. The Louie Bluie Festival will take place June 14. Watch the YouTube preview. I would go except that I already have plans for that weekend.

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Michael M. on May 26th 2008 in General, Live, Movies, Music, Recorded

Standard Operating Procedure

In this post on her blog, my friend Rebecca linked to “The Most Curious Thing” on The New York Times site. Standard Operating Procedure presents the Abu Ghraib scandal another way, as a documentary film of interviews with the main actors. This new one from blogged Errol Morris is showing at the Landmark Tivoli. I also watched his The Fog of War there before I started blogging. The movie is sad and effective. I could have done without the reenactments, but they were not too distracting. It is a shame that only 3 people were in the theater. The scandal paints the participants in a better light than most media. It is easier to understand how they drifted into committing the wrongs they did. The end of the credits directs viewers to takepart. I visited the site without enough enthusiasm to act. The movie left me feeling even more helpless and hopeless about the whole incursion into Iraq. With the tree so rotten to the root, the poison fruits of individual scandals seem inevitable although unfortunate.

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Michael M. on May 24th 2008 in General, Movies

STL in the spoof news

STL made the blog Stuff White People Like.

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Michael M. on May 15th 2008 in General

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