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Crazy crazy world

Crazy crazy world crazy crazy times
Crazy crazy world crazy crazy times
Hang up your chairs to better sweep
Clear the floor to dance
Shake the rug into the fireplace

I spend Saturday at a friends’ house up on a ridge out near Berger, Missouri. The party was terrific. They rolled up the rug and moved the table. A dance caller from blogged Childgrove directed the festivities, and the Berger Creek Jam Band supplied the music. I fiddled for the dancers on “Julianne Johnson,” “Late for the Dance,” “Jingle at the Window Tidy-O” and a few forgotten tunes with two friends from the beloved Folk School and Greg Krone of Seitz and Krone, Violinmakers. Then I backed him up on guitar for twice bloggedSoldier’s Joy” and a medley of something and “Mississippi Sawyer.” After the dance broke up, a few pickers stuck around, and we went through some songs. It was how I imagined parties have been for millennia, and the recipe still works.

I spent the night. The next morning the hosts treated us stragglers to pancakes with cornmeal in them. It was a good variation on a favorite food. Then we walked the property. I grew up enough in the country to miss it.

Back when I defended my thesis, I added a clip of “Stand” by twice blogged R.E.M. to my presentation. Green and, as mentioned, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band were my first two CDs. The lyrics above come from R.E.M.’s “Fireplace.” Quoting a song is a common writing device, especially on blogs. Sometimes it just works.


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Mississippi genius

Mississippi journalist Jerry Mitchell won a MacArthur Genius Fellowship. Hungry Blues had this post on it, which I read and forgot. It links to this story at his employer, the Clarion-Ledger. This post on NMissCommentor finally made it click with its link to the New York Times article on the MacArthur winners. Then this post let me know that he had hit the real big time, an appearance on the Colbert Report. He was interviewed in this segment. This longer interview on NPR‘s Fresh Air is good if you want more, and News and Notes aired this similar interview.

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I caught a Galleria 6 St. Louis Cinemas showing of Zombieland with H.

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