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Wearing and Tearing

Led Zeppelin, Gods of Rock on the Celestial Staircase” in The New York Times purportedly is a book review of a Led Zeppelin biography. After reading the review, I gather that Rick Moody sees the book as too focused on sensational misdeeds and too neglectful of the music. Led Zeppelin made great music, and evidently, the book does not explore the music itself. The review is too concerned with how the band used previous music to make new music. All music does. It was fun, though, to read about one of my long time favorite bands. Although the review did not inspire me to investigate or read When Giants Walked the Earth, I did have a good time listening to the music again this afternoon.

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Michael M. on December 27th 2009 in General, Music

Mississippi Smoldering

Mississippi Burning made waves years ago. Subsequently, the prosecution of Byron De La Beckwith, Medgar Evers‘ assassin, inspired Ghosts of Mississippi. Numerous other crimes never received as much attention. As blogged earlier this year, Jerry Mitchell won a MacArthur Genius Grant for his reporting on unsolved crimes. Civil Rights Cold Case Trailer posted on Hungry Blues revisits other cases. The Civil Rights Cold Case Project aims to facilitate some long denied justice.

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Michael M. on December 26th 2009 in General, Movies

Stagger Lee Anniversary

A night or two and 114 years ago, “Stag” Lee Shelton mortally wounded William Lyons. This post on the previously blogged blog for Devil at the Confluence revisits the legendary event that led to blogged “Stagger Lee.” The Song and Myth of Stagger Lee and the  Stagger Lee Files have more information on what happened from there.

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Michael M. on December 26th 2009 in General, Music

H. M.’s Brain

H. M. is a famous research subject whose death I blogged last year. Now scientists are sectioning his brain for further study. As a friend messaged me yesterday, you can watch the sectioning. This article in The New York Times covers the process. It is difficult to guess how useful this examination will be, but H. M. already contributed a wealth of information to the science of memory.

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Michael M. on December 3rd 2009 in General

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