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Conclusions lead to data.

Kristina Visscher, friend and fellow graduate of the Program in Neuroscience, made it onto television. Her local station ran Fact Finder: His and Hers, brains with her as one of the experts. She did a fine job of providing a moderating influence. The segment was about science findings and popular ideas on gender differences. There are observable differences between men and women in brain structure and function. It is far from clear, however, how these differences compare with popular notions. The piece itself seemed set on certain conclusions irrespective of research. She fought the good fight, though, and it is good to see her featured.

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Michael M. on November 22nd 2010 in General

Saint Louis ribs battle

The Riverfront TimesGut Check has this post about favorite Pappy’s versus 17th Street Bar and Grill on the television show Food Feuds in episode Pork Feuds. I did not eat barbecue for a long time. Now I know what I was missing. I have been to Pappy’s many times, and I definitely am a fan. I heard about 17th Street from somebody at work. Its owner Mike Mills is known as “The Legend,” and he co-authored Peace, Love and Barbecue with his daughter. His Magic Dust adds some great flavor. Peace, Love and Barbecue includes a profile of  Garry Roark. He is father and  Ubon’s barbecue partner of my twice blogged friend and Mississippi Barbecue Princess Leslie Roark Scott. Through the RFT article, I also learned about the St. Louis BBQ Society, and I will investigate further in the future.


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I took a look at reddit for the first time in a while and found “I exist, therefore the carbon-12 nucleus must possess an energy level at 7.65 MeV.” Hoyle was convinced that the nuclei of the atoms in our bodies were assembled from hydrogen in the furnaces of stars. It links to the article “Open minds reap rewards” published in 2003 in the Guardian. I wonder what propelled it onto reddit. I just posted about stellar nucleosynthesis a few weeks ago.

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Michael M. on November 14th 2010 in General

Custer and Sitting Bull

Years ago, I would ride the roads of Long Island listening to WFMU. One night I heard unusual music about the Battle of Little Bighorn. The host talked to the composer about it. It was an atonal piece, and the composer had even selected his own scales. He had extensive knowledge about how to load synthesizers with his own tunings, and he talked about it. It left an impression on me as something esoteric and odd. For reasons I cannot fathom, it popped back into my head a few days ago. What was it? The web told me. It was Kyle Gann‘s Custer and Sitting Bull. His site has recordings, and it definitely is the piece I heard. He even blogs at PostClassic.


Michael M. on November 4th 2010 in General, Music, Recorded

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