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Map Room gig May 6, 2011

I will play at the Map Room on May 6, 2011 for the second set of a 7-10 PM concert as twice blogged. Blogged Ryan Spearman and I will substitute for some missing Lulus. Our set list is in the air. We will play somewhat off the cuff, but we have spent plenty of time playing together in the past.

My only hope is that it works out. Les Filles du Jazz had been scheduled then. The nights were supposed to be swapped because the Lulus will participate May 7, 2011 in the trivia night for the beloved Folk School. I hope both groups do not show up planning to play!

In other Folk School news, the blogged Wall of Sound played last night’s Childgrove Country Dancers contra dance. H and I participated in the massive fiddle section. It was great fun as always.


Michael M. on May 2nd 2011 in General, Live, Music

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