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Spring 2012 Showcase

The beloved Folk School held its student showcase just over a week ago at Off Broadway. Check out this slide show on YouTube. It looked like the biggest one yet.

I took Alternative Roots Ensemble with Jeff Burke of the Jeff and Vida Band. He is teaching while spending a few months here in Saint Louis. We played “Rox in the Box” by the Decemberists and then “Will You Return?” by the Avett Brothers. Looking on the SongMeanings page for “Rox in the Box,” I found that it incorporates “The Gypsy Laddie,” an oldĀ border ballad. It seemed appropriate as a song for an alternative roots class. One classmate, who sang “Rox in the Box,” posted both performances on YouTube. You can hear me plucking away on mandolin and adding harmony on “Will You Come Again.”


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Michael M. on March 17th 2012 in General, Live, Music

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