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Voting in McComb

A Divide on Voting Rights in a Town Where Blood Spilled” in The New York Times addresses the current questions of the Voting Rights Act through the lens of my hometown. I have blogged several times about McComb. In particular, this one documents a profile of violence and reconciliation in McComb in the 1960s, and this later one was on the Statement of Principles.

Some finer points of the coverage aroused my interest. It points to an editorial that ran in the local newspaper, the Enterprise-Journal, “Jim Hood doesn’t trust us.” In the 1960s, the newspaper was a force, although a slow one, for justice, and it drew the ire of the more bigoted people in the area. As blogged before, Wayne Dowdy, interviewed as county attorney and former congressman who supported renewal of the Voting Rights Act, lost to Trent Lott, blogged one other time, in 1988 when they vied for one of Mississippi’s senate seats. The section on neighboring Amite County profiles older white men sitting in the Liberty Drug Store. That coffee club has met for a long time, probably decades.

Redistricting is crooked all over. Mississippi and neighboring states are more pronounced examples of a widespread problem. Oversight of voting ought to be broader than it is.

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