Synecdoche, New York

I watched Synecdoche, New York Friday at the Landmark Tivoli. I have been a fan of three times blogged Charlie Kaufman fan for several years now, and I had big expectations. At the same time, this movie is his directorial debut, and I knew that it might not deliver quite what his previous movies have. I understood at some point that the movie could be a framed story within itself. Recursion is a strange and beautiful thing as I know from COMP 210.

I was not as taken by it as by his previous movies, but that criticism is faint. His previous movies are absolute favorites. I found myself enjoying Synecdoche thoroughly. Some parts are pure hilarity. Toward the end when the characters have started their own plays within the play, who is who becomes delightfully confusing. I laughed often with everybody in the theater and a few times by myself. I heard individual laughs during parts that were not so funny to me. The movie is so packed with absurdity and obscurity that I am sure many viewers will have their own experiences of shared humor and other times feeling that nobody else in the theaters gets a particular joke. It is rich.

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Michael M. on November 16th 2008 in General, Movies

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