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Following this recent post about a photograph possibly of Robert Johnson, blogged two other times, this post on Highway 61 links to this article in the Houston Press. Dedicated researchers Mack McCormick and Steve LaVere have uncovered far more about Johnson than has reached the public. They visited towns and tracked down family members. The researchers have lost momentum in bringing their findings to the public, though, and they might not come to light.

I noticed that John Nova Lomax wrote the article. The name jumped out at me.  Often blogged Alan Lomax was famous for his music collecting. When in college, I heard about his father and brothers, both named John Lomax, who were ethnomusicologists who lived in Houston, Texas. John Lomax, Sr., headed the Houston Folklore and Folk Music Society. I heard Norman Kennedy at one of their meetings, and during Kennedy’s visit to Houston, he came to the folklore class that I have blogged four times. The professor told us that John Lomax used to come to the class, too. I figured that John Nova Lomax must be related to the other Lomaxes. His article about his family confirms my suspicion. It weaves Guy Clark, twice blogged Townes Van Zandt and blogged Texas folk artists SamLightnin’Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb into the stories. The photographs are great, as are the comments by John Lomax III and others that followed the article.

Another trail journey originating in Saint Louis was posted on Highway 61. The Post-Dispatch has this travel article on touring the Mississippi Delta. It follows a recently blogged string of connections between Mississippi and Saint Louis. Indeed, the article mentions new movie M for Mississippi quite a bit.

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Michael M. on December 1st 2008 in General, Music

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