True Grit

H pointed me to “One-Eyed Gods and One-Armed Gods: Does True Grit tap into an ancient myth?” in Slate. In turn, it led to “True Grit, Odd Wit: And Fame? No, Thanks” in The New York Times about the somewhat reclusive author. Both were good reading after watching True Grit. H and I saw it around Christmas.

H and I saw the movie at Christmas. It was great. When Mattie Ross rode her horse Little Blackie across a river, I was hooked. It has adventure and heroism. It is a play of morality and vice. The visuals of galloping horses and big landscapes are gripping. If the first article above is to be believed, it also taps into old stories.

We happened to catch the end of the 1969 True Grit on television not too long after seeing this new version. I enjoyed it, too, but not as much as the newer version. Watching both did make me reluctant to call this newer movie a remake. It is more another telling of the same story.

I have little to add to all the writing done about this movie. I enjoyed it so much, though, that I did not want it to go unmentioned here.

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Michael M. on April 9th 2011 in General, Movies

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