Resophonic Benefit 5 and the John Hartford Stringband

The blogged Tom Hall now heads the previewed Tom Hall Guitar Benefit & Resophonic Extravaganza that was started to raise money for his stolen guitar. It happens yearly at  Iron Barley. H and I had a good time at the most recent one. Players included Geoff Seitz of Geoffrey J. Seitz, Violinmaker, Marc Rennard and Jim Nelson as the South City Hillbillies who were fun to hear. Brian Curran is a local picker I have not heard enough. A younger player, Mat Wilson of the Rum Drum Ramblers, earned great applause from the crowd. See this profile of him in the Riverfront Times.

H and I skipped out of the end of the Super Bowl for the John Hartford Stringband at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room. This segment with Bob Carlin on KWMU‘s Cityscape got me ready, as did listening to KDHX‘s Down Yonder. The Duck Room is a much better place with the new smoking law. The show was great. Once again, Geoff Seitz, Marc Rennard and Jim Nelson figured prominently playing with Curtis Buckhannon as the Ill-Mo Boys. The John Hartford Stringband talked fondly of the Ill-Mo Boys, and they seemed very happy to bring them on stage a few times. Twice blogged David Long took twice blogged Mike Compton‘s place, and did it well. “Steam Powered Aereo Plane” was a terrific encore that brought chills, and I did not miss the missing the end of the Super Bowl.

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Michael M. on February 20th 2011 in General, Live, Music

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