Circus Flora 2012 and nearby fun

The Wizard, this year’s production at Circus Flora, is excellent. H and I finally headed to Grand Center to see it last night. I think about going every year, but my only other post was in 2005. Last year I was working nights. I have no excuse for the other years. Merlin and King Arthur are the themes behind the show. As with the last time I went, the Flying Wallendas were a favorite. The wire act was exciting. The Riders of the Ring with trick horse riding were great, too. Other subtle parts make it a special experience. Everything was live, including the music.

Before the show, we visited a few nearby spots. Grand Center is becoming the center of community media. KETC television has been there for years, and KWMU radio just moved there. Renovation of the building for KDHX appeared well underway. The Pulitzer‘s In the Still Epiphany is a diverse drawing on the foundation’s collection. Dooley’s Beef-n-Brew House was a good stop, but not great.  Nearby Locust Street has been reborn as Midtown Alley. It is great to see the life coming back into the old automobile row. The fliers at Plush advertised several upcoming concerts and one event I would like to see. They include Lucero, New Years Rulin’s – A Tribute to Woody Guthrie in Photos and Music and Josh Ritter with Bhi Bhiman as the opener. I will try to visit next week’s St. Lou Fringe if work allows.

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Michael M. on June 17th 2012 in General, Live, Music

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