Friends helping friends move to New Orleans

I blogged twice about Brad Rhines, a friend from high school, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. Both posts mentioned his writing for the NOLA Defender. Catch him as an extra in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, currently in movie theaters. You can see him in this trailer on YouTube at about 0:43 as the bearded man in a top hat standing in the audience at the edge of the stage. Also see the embedded version below. He is not my only high school friend who writes for a New Orleans periodical. Jarvis DeBerry writes for the Times-Picayune, even after the recent staff cuts. Jarvis’ piece “When friends weigh a move to New Orleans” discusses their correspondence several years ago prior to Brad’s move with his wife Julie, a friend of mine from the Mississippi Governor’s School, and what advice each as to offer for folks contemplating that move now. While I will not move to New Orleans soon, I have a fascination with it, and I appreciate both of their perspectives.

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Michael M. on June 25th 2012 in General, Movies

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