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Since my last post on “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie” by John Jeremiah Sullivan in The New York Times Magazine, several posts providing background have come out. Most of the good ones have been on the blog The 6th Floor: Eavesdropping on the Times Magazine. Under Cover: In Pursuit of an Unearthly Record by Jeannie Choi tells the tale of the quest by 78 record collector Christopher King of Long Gone Sound for the actual 78 featured in the magazine piece. Caitlin Rose Love, featured in the magazine piece as well as being one of its reporters, posted On Geeshie Wiley’s Trail on the as yet unsuccessful attempt to learn more about Geeshie Wiley. Finally, Rachel Nolan reported on Sullivan’s back story in Behind the Cover Story: John Jeremiah Sullivan on the Search for Geeshie and Elvie.

The Story Behind John Jeremiah Sullivan’s Times Magazine Cover Story by Matthew Kassel at the New York Observer raises the questions about how Love secretly copied blogged Robert “Mack” McCormick‘s notes. That question of stealing does not interest me. The assertion that the magazine piece was edited to 14,000 words from an original 35,000 does interest me. I would like to read the even longer form.

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Michael M. on April 18th 2014 in General, Music, Recorded

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