Stag and Billy

A post at STL Rising has some good links on Stagger Lee. I have posted about the song before. Since posting, I have visited the downtown sites relevant to the song without gaining any insights. I still want to see Billy’s grave.

I finally figured out that Stagger Lee’s old house, still standing, has a different address than it did in his day. Tucker Boulevard is the newer name for 12th Street. Rowhouse Gallery, owned by a photographer named Drew Wojcik, is at 911 North Tucker Boulevard today. “Stag” Lee Sheldon lived at this address when it was 911 North 12th Street. It only occured to me recently to check. The building has recently housed the Downtown Mounted Patrol Stable and Stable-D Gallery.

With this new information in hand, I began more research. Wikipedia has a fairly good entry. Googling the address yielded many links. Searching for “911 N. 12th” and Louis was my first try. I found a travel review, a radio show page, a normal normal explanation, another one and a rather filthy discussion thread. “911 north twelfth” louis turned up a few more. I found an essay, a discussion of John Hurt’s mistaken beliefs about Stag and Billy, a previously linked piece and a page on a short film with a brief clip from it from cartoonist Milo Waterfield and band Marseille Figs.

If any accident of life ever turns me into a recording musician, I have a track in mind.

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Michael M. on September 29th 2005 in General, Music, Recorded

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