Chihuly sues.

Glass artist Dale Chihuly is suing the competition according to this article in The New York Times. Chihuly’s works are all over. The building where I used to work had the sculpture Twisting Dendrites. It looked like squash. The Saint Louis Art Museum has a very similar work that is purple instead of chartreuse. The building where I work now has the Seashell Lobby, named for the Chihuly work in the middle of the room. I saw Glass at the Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden a few weeks ago. A very similar exhibit, Gardens and Glass, with begin soon at the New York Botanical Garden. He is wildly successful, yet he seems to need to amass more money and to burden other artists with lawsuits. It does not seem that he is suing for unauthorized copying, a clear copyright violation, or for unauthorized use of patented techniques. It looks bad. I can remember one precedent, the “look and feel” lawsuit. The parallels are not great, but I cannot imagine how Chihuly would be right, except for his great wealth that will allow him to fund a legal battle. As I quoted in a recent post, “Plagiarism is the basis of all culture.

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Michael M. on June 2nd 2006 in General

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