Mississippi luthiers

I visited luthier Dewey Alexander of Foxworth, Mississippi with my father. He happens to live on Old Morgantown Road. I played three or four of his fiddles, a couple of mandolins and a banjo. I had to fake mandolin and banjo playing, but I like faking. I hope to learn basics sometime, though. Despite the temptation, I did not buy anything. I have tried to find out whether there are other active fiddle luthiers in the area. He may be the last.

After taking my car for service a few days later, I stopped at Brookhaven Music. The store has guitars and both mountain and hammered dulcimers made by George Magee of Monticello. The clerk said that he could make anything and gave me his number. He does not make fiddles although I suppose he could. He said that a now deceased Red Hutcherson of Brookhaven had made fiddles and that his relatives might still. I might write some family members to ask.

On the store’s Battle of the Bands page, I noticed a Brandon Nations, now of GILLIANFRITZ. The Nations Brothers were an old-time string band from Brookhaven who had tunes on Mississippi String Bands, Vol. 2, a birthday gift I received. They were the only band included from my part of the state on either volume. I wrote to ask about kinship. It is interesting possible connection.

I also made email contact with the Magnolia State Bluegrass Assocation and the Mississippi Old Time Music Society. Both organizations seem quite active, and I know where to look next time I am home long enough to try some playing.

Finally, I wrote guitar luthiers, two in my hometown, Edward Kalil and Tom Catchings. One did not reply, and the second spends his time more on other projects lately. Although the family names of both are familiar, I knew neither, and I certainly had no idea that my little old hometown had two luthiers.

It was a musical trip. I wish I had found even more. I also made the recently blogged detour through Avalon and trips to several shops that I hope to write about soon.

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Michael M. on August 29th 2006 in General, Music

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  1. Anonymous responded on 23 Mar 2016 at 8:39 pm #

    The house project is finished and I recently set up a new shop with a luthier room. I’m about to start building again.
    Tom Catchings

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