Delta trip

This post on Highway 61 Radio points to this article in the Los Angeles Times about touring the Mississippi Delta. I am a Mississippian, but not a Delta person. I would enjoy the trip, though. Some of the destinations are places I have heard about for years. Doe’s and Lusco’s are famous in Mississippi. Others, such as Mama’s Dream World, are new to me.

I especially want to visit the sites about previously mentioned Fannie Lou Hamer. I know her from the favorite Eyes on the Prize. Her appearance at the 1964 Democratic National Convention was discussed on several times on NPR. She is an enduring presence in the American consciousness. Recognition of her, however late, is something special.

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Michael M. on September 3rd 2008 in General

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  1. Lib M. responded on 03 Sep 2008 at 9:00 pm #

    Lusco’s = yum yum yum!

    It’s is my favorite Delta eatery, I think.

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