Vampire Pageant

I saw Vampire Weekend last week at the Pageant. I bought their CD a few months ago on my way to a fiddle festival. I have been listening to it a good bit since and learned to play my favorites. The crowd was as enthusiastic as any I have seen. The draw was wider in age than most I have seen there. Plenty of high school and college students attended, but I saw a surprising number of middle aged people unaccompanied by their children.

For the most part, they played the album. Hearing the music live was a great experience. I think they might have introduced a handful of new songs. It brings me to my one concern about the band. Their catalog is not that big. They played the album. For the encore, they played the one song on it they had not already played. Time will settle the score, though, whether as a band with one great album or with a string of great songs.

Although I knew about their rhythms and African influence already, the live performance highlighted it drums. I could not see the drummer from my seat. I could hear, however, that he does more than mark the time. The drums drive many of the songs. Much of the music I play and like is rhythmic, yet has no drumming or a drummer functioning mostly as a metronome. Vampire Weekend’s songs would be far less without those beats.

They may be coming to your town. Make an effort. I was tired and had no business being there with my schedule. I left entirely happy that I had gone, though. I hope they have more music and more tours in front of them.

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Michael M. on September 21st 2008 in General, Live, Music

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