Trout Lodge

I am coming to the end of a long school run. In February, I finished one step in the Program In Neuroscience and began the next in clerkships at the Washington University School of Medicine. The Medical Scientist Training Program allowed me to pursue this charmed path. Both Neuroscience and the MSTP have held annual retreats at the YMCA of the Ozarks Trout Lodge for the whole time I have been here. I missed one MSTP retreat, and barring a strange turn of events, I will miss my first neuro retreat this year. It makes my Trout Lodge trip last weekend the last of my time as a WashU student.

The place draws complaints. It is far from here and from everywhere else. The food is not good. I see it as a wonderland. There is always a party. It has archery, shooting, volleyball, mini-golf, canoeing, nature walks, campfires, tennis courts, soccer fields and softball fields that I have used at one time or another and more activities that I have not done. More importantly, it offers the rural freedom I had growing up and now miss. The stars are visible. The wandering is free and careless without the concerns and vigilance urban life demands. I will miss going.

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Michael M. on September 21st 2008 in General

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