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The Lulus’ Best

The Riverfront Times awarded the blogged Lulus, in which H fiddles, with Best Folk Band in Arts and Entertainment of the Best of St. Louis 2011. They knock off blogged friend Ryan Spearman who was Best Folk Artist 2010. Below is the video from their channel on YouTube of their performance of “Single Girl” at the Sheldon Ballroom opening for Ryan. It was a great night for them, Ryan and us in the audience. Check out their list of upcoming shows and see them where they are their best, live.

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Michael M. on September 27th 2011 in General, Live, Music

The Lulus make television.

Fox 2 KTVI broadcast Taste Of Autumn Boosts Labor Day Festival Attendance on its evening news program. The linked video featured the blogged Lulus playing “Union Maid” at 40 seconds into the segment. H is prominent for a few seconds as the fiddler, and then the group’s harmonies can be heard behind the report for a while longer. The Lulus were among the many acts at the Veterans Festival in Forest Park. The news segment also covers the Greek Festival and the blogged Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The mild weather improved attendance for all of them. I had my weekend fun early in the weekend when the heat was setting records. Unfortunately, I have started night shifts and slept through the fun of the last two days.

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Michael M. on September 5th 2011 in General, Live, Music

Shout Lulu Shout released

Friday night the favorite Lulus threw their release party for their new album Shout Lulu Shout. You can buy it at their store, and it will be available via electronic outlets soon. Retro 101 / Cherry Bomb Vintage on Cherokee Antique Row hosted the party along with their neighbors the St. Louis Curio Shoppe. They drew a great crowd filled with friends, and the party was a blast.

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Michael M. on July 8th 2012 in General, Live, Music

My “Stagger Lee,” a resophonic festival and Mississippi John Hurt’s Rediscovery

On January 14, 2012, the Department of Pathology and Immunology at the Washington University School of Medicine hosted An Evening of Music / Winter Concert. It featured some great performances by string quartets, small ensembles and singers. I volunteered to play. With nods to the city of Saint Louis and  favorite Mississippi John Hurt, I chose favorite “Stagger Lee.” I got past the nerves and played it out. H took a video for me that I posted.

“Stagger Lee” (mp3) (video on YouTube)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This past Sunday, H and I headed to Iron Barley for the 6th Annual Tom Hall Resophonic Extravaganza. I had to return after the blogged last one was so good. The Lulus, another favorite, made fine contributions to the festivities. So did blogged Tom Hall, Geoff Seitz, Brian Curran and many more I have forgotten.

At the benefit, a friend reminded me about the new Mississippi John Hurt album. He later directed me to this post on Black Grooves. It leads to Discovery: The Rebirth of Mississippi John Hurt. Weenie Campbell has this worthwhile thread on it. This new release on Spring Fed Records features recordings that Tom Hoskins made on March 3, 1963 when he journeyed to Avalon, Mississippi in search of the long lost musician. This video from the University Press of Mississippi on Vimeo also appears at the bottom of the album link above. In it starting about 10:20, twice blogged Philip Ratcliffe and author of Mississippi John Hurt: His Life, His Times, His Blues discusses how these tapes were found in the bottom of an old cardboard box under Tom Hoskins’ sister’s guest bed. I have been streaming tracks, and I gladly anticipate the arrival of my CD.

Update February 8, 2012: Outlook, the Washington University School of Medicine’s magazine, published this gallery of the Winter Concert. The photograph of me is 17th. You also can see it directly.

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Michael M. on January 31st 2012 in General, Live, Mine, Music, Recorded

Upcycling music

I was idly listening to To the Best of Our Knowledge on KWMU while eating a sandwich when it seized my attention. The episode was Upcycling, something I certainly support, but I was not listening closely. Then the segment Mark Frauenfelder on “Made by Hand” began. Frauenfelder is the co-founder of Boing Boing and the editor-in-chief of Make magazine. I found this older video from his appearance on the Colbert Report. Several of his projects are musical instruments, including a cigar box guitar he played on the Colbert show. TTBOOK also pointed me to Cigar Box Nation, an amazing web site dedicated to homemade musical instruments.

The segment also brought several local friends to mind. The blogged Green Strum Project, by friends Kelly Wells, director of the favorite Folk School and member of the the blogged Lulus, and blogged Ryan Spearman, have many of the same goals. Back in the spring, my band scramble group the Dumpster Divers won at Earth Day. Teammate Jr and I played two of his cigar box guitars for the win. He has this page on Cigar Box Nation for his Crooked Box Guitars.

Because upcycling is local by its nature, I am happy to know local folks in an endeavor gaining the national attention of public radio. At the same time, their projects extend beyond the local. I  hope that my local friends gain wider attention, too.

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Michael M. on October 9th 2011 in General, Music

Middle of Everywhere release

H and I met up with other Lulus and associated persons at Off Broadway for the late set of the release party for the album Middle of Everywhere by blogged Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three. The band had played an early set to a seated crowd. We showed up for the late set. We knew something was different when the line stretched down the sidewalk toward Cherokee Street. I never found out the reasons behind the delay.

By the time we got inside, opener Colonel Ford had been playing for a while. The crowd enjoyed the honky tonk music. I was surprised by how many of the songs I knew. They are a very tight group of seasoned musicians. Pokey joined them for a song or two toward the end of the set.

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three took the stage to great enthusiasm from the crowd. The KDHX blog has this review. They were on, and the music was great. The place was packed. I wondered whether the show had been oversold, and H mused about fire code violations. The air conditioning either was not on or failed. We eventually camped in front of a fan near the merchandise table. The crowd gradually thinned, but its fervor stayed strong.

After the show, we had a late meal at Benton Park Cafe. It stays open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, something I had not known. The food was good. It hit the late night hunger spot just right. We headed home with our bellies full of food and our heads full of tunes for a deep sleep.

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Michael M. on August 21st 2011 in General, Live, Music

Green Strum album

Blogged friend Ryan Spearman started his twice blogged Green Strum Project with wife Kelly Wells. They promised of an album dedicated to sustainability. Get Along Home was released June 18, 2011. You can find my name among the sponsors inside the cover. So far, my favorite song is “Willie McGee” about former Cardinals great Willie McGee. The Riverfront Times ran this fittingly flattering review.

Ryan will play the Sheldon Friday, August 26, 2011. The blogged Lulus, featuring H on fiddle along with Kelly and some twin harmonizing, will open. The Sheldon is one of Saint Louis’ great concert spaces. It should be a great night.

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Michael M. on July 16th 2011 in General, Live, Music, Recorded

Kinky and Big Smith

I realized that I never posted about  Kinky Friedman‘s concert at Off Broadway nearly two months ago after mentioning it. It was a great part of a whirlwind day. I slept in and checked Facebook to find one high school friend’s post about encountering another common friend in the coffee shop in his downtown office building. She happened to be killing time while visiting someone else. I had a good time catching up at Bridge and then Over/Under. H came out after work and got to meet one of my old friends.

Then H and I headed down to Off Broadway. The show was great even with its imperfections. He stumbled on a few songs, but the overall effect was hilarity. He has abundant biting satire for politicians past and contemporary with little held back. He also has some of the best jokes I know and would not repeat in writing. I would reflect for hours after the show and laugh some more.

This past Friday night, favorite Big Smith played the Old Rock House. Openers Brad and Auset Sarno played a good set of about an hour. The steel guitar was especially good. Mark Bilyeu joined them for a few at the end. Then Mark came back out with Big Smith, and they played their kind of raucous show. I have seen enough Big Smith that I do not need to hear their biggest songs, but they have a relationship with the audience of delivering the ones they have played hundreds of times. A new addition was “Hungry Like the Wolf.” Watch its classic music video on YouTube. It was one of those unexpected bluegrass/rock adaptations that works well. I got to visit with their road manager, another high school friend, as well as friends from work, blogged Ryan Spearman and the blogged Lulus. I am on nights for the great majority of June. Fridays are my nights off, and it was a good break.

Unfortunately, work made me miss a favorite. This weekend is the blogged Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering, better known as Battle Ground. A good contingent from Saint Louis always goes, and many small groups must be playing late into the night right now. Other friends are camping locally and picking. They must be having a fine time, too. Maybe next year will work out better.

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Michael M. on June 26th 2011 in General, Live, Music

Map Room gig May 6, 2011

I will play at the Map Room on May 6, 2011 for the second set of a 7-10 PM concert as twice blogged. Blogged Ryan Spearman and I will substitute for some missing Lulus. Our set list is in the air. We will play somewhat off the cuff, but we have spent plenty of time playing together in the past.

My only hope is that it works out. Les Filles du Jazz had been scheduled then. The nights were supposed to be swapped because the Lulus will participate May 7, 2011 in the trivia night for the beloved Folk School. I hope both groups do not show up planning to play!

In other Folk School news, the blogged Wall of Sound played last night’s Childgrove Country Dancers contra dance. H and I participated in the massive fiddle section. It was great fun as always.


Michael M. on May 2nd 2011 in General, Live, Music

Spring 2011 gigs

I have found a few holes in my schedule for attention to my musical hobbies. Some have happened through the beloved Folk School. I am a repeated student of the Old-Time Ensemble, and this session is a good one. A new addition has been Jazz Guitar with Dave Black. I have given some attention to my curiosity about jazz arrangements and the closed chord voicings. I only wish I did not have to miss so many of the classes.

The best outing was a trip to Phoenix. My sister married at the Phoenix Zoo, and H accompanied me. She negotiated with the United Airlines crew to get my guitar in the coat compartment on the trip out, but I had to check it on the way back. I played an instrumental “You Are My Sunshine” as the recessional. Otherwise, I just operated the iPod. After the ceremony, we had fun wandering around the zoo. Along with seeing family I have been missing for a while, I got to reunite with my twice blogged canine pal Ralph. H and I also climbed around Hole-in-the-Rock at Papago Park. Best wishes to Lib!

Last night, H and I visited Ellen the Felon and Lang-a-Tang Langen Wednesday Open Mic at Foam Coffee and Beer. I had heard about it some time ago, and I have been wanting to go. I knew our friends Kate and Joeboy of the Spot Ons had played there, and I thought they might be there. Indeed, they were. They played a great set.

We saw a few more acts and were ready to go home. By that time, we were next on the list, though, so we stayed and played. We have a band name, the twice blogged Bootstrappers, but I forgot to use it when I signed us up. Ellen saw H’s fiddle and my guitar and told us her sound system was breaking up and unable to accommodate us. We played in front of the stage with no amplification. We opened with “Sleepy Desert” and then played blogged “Louis Collins” and favorite “Stagger Lee.” “Sleepy Desert” is one we had played before at the often blogged Atomic Cowboy Open Mic, and it went well. The others were new for us. We managed well enough.

The neighborhood and social scene were a change. The crowd inside was younger and had a different senses of style than what I usually encounter. The surrounding neighborhood has become a vibrant mix of African-Americans, Latino immigrants and young white adults. Many people zipped by on bicycles as we sat. Antique Row is close by on the same street. I was happy to see a store for beloved Popeyes just south on Jefferson.

We were welcomed. After we played, host Ellen invited us to a musical parade set for next Monday. I, unfortunately, will be working. The parade will happen somewhere around the Lemp Brewery as part of the Venice Cafe Open Mic. She also co-hosts that one. I have not been, but I hope to go.

These gigs have not been real gigs, but open mics and my own sister’s wedding. I lack time to pursue music as more than a hobby, but I am going to hitchhike my way to something better. As mentioned recently, blogged Ryan Spearman and I will fill in for some missing Lulus. Come out to see us May 6, 2011 at the Map Room.


Michael M. on April 14th 2011 in General, Live, Music

Late to show

Mark Neilsen tells how he became a professional singer and guitarist in “Watching the Bluegrass Grow” in the St. Louis Beacon. He plays in three times blogged local bluegrass band  River Bound with H. They formed through the Bluegrass Ensemble class at the beloved Folk School. As covered in the article, River Bound has upcoming gigs Saturday, April 16 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm for an show at the Wine Press and Friday, June 17 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Third Degree Glass Factory for the June Third Friday Open House. Performances in the past year or so have included Oceano Bistro, the Clayton Farmer’s Market, Six Row Brewery, Schlafly Bottleworks for a Folk School benefit, Cafe Ventana for the Moun Pou Moun Haiti benefit and the Wine Press.

H also has been active with the Lulus, the premiere St. Louis all female country and roots band. They have played the Map Room, the often blogged Atomic Cowboy Open Mic, Cafe Ventana for the same benefit as above, Foam Coffee and Beer for the I Went to a Show‘s First Show, BB’s for Guitars for Vets and Black Bear Bakery. See their list of gigs to catch a show soon. Upcoming farmers markets include Webster Groves, Clayton and Kirkwood along with less agriculturally based shows at Pop’s Blue Moon, Black Bear Bakery and the Map Room. Lulus fans include such luminaries as a third to a half of Uncle Tupelo and blogged friend Ryan Spearman. Ryan and I will play with half of the Lulus to fill in for the other half of the band for the second half of the May 6, 2011 show at the Map Room.

H bought us Street Performers Permits from the City of St. Louis Department of Streets. We now are in compliance with St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 20.55. Not all of the city is open to busking. I made this map to show the prohibited areas. We have not used the permits yet. The weather has not been good enough, but that problem is ending. Look for the blogged Bootstrappers on a nearby sidewalk soon.

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Michael M. on April 11th 2011 in General, Live, Music

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